Saturday, September 13, 2008

Last Hurrah

To Tehlin,

who made life in HK funny because of her stories
who made lunches and dinners happen because she was thoughtful enough to plan them
who opened her home to the ladies and the PSC later on for drinking, gaming and gossip sessions
who, with her listening ear and sage advice, became a confidante of most of the ladies

You will be missed A WHOLE LOT. Much more than most of us would care to let on. Much more than we do right now.

I've always believed that lifelong friends are made when you're in high school, and the married years see acquaintances come and go. Well, Tehlin, the Thursday Group has proven me wrong.

Here's to you, Chris, Sam, Isabel and your future kids. May you find lasting happiness and comfort in your new home.

The Thursday Group needs new blood!


Blogger Bandit said...

The last 6+ years has definitely blessed me with deeper friendships than ones I have had in higschool, college and any other time of my life. I miss you guys so much already. But hey, we'll have to start planning our gimmicks internationally!

1:57 PM, September 15, 2008  
Blogger midicrux said...

I know! I'll be in Spain in 2009, early July. Basta, I will be. So anyone who wants to come along, do come along. :)

1:05 AM, October 09, 2008  

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