the thursday group

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Then There Were 8

Since this topic relates to the Thursday Group, I thought I should finally enter a legitimate piece on this blog.

On Monday we had a what may be the last get together at Jeremie's place. She's leaving for NY next month and unlike Ragamuffin Girl and me, we're not sure if they're going to change their minds after they get there and come back after a few months. We gave Shanghai 6 months, surrendered and came back. It took Ragamuffin Girl 4 months in Canada before they came back too. We're hoping Jeremie might be gone for 3 months only and then come back, since the pattern seems to be a decreasing number of months away for the Thursday ladies who have left.

Then a few months from now, Maryheart will be leaving for California! She's leaving in a few weeks to look for a place to stay and a school for her kids. With the way she operates, we know once she decides to leave, it'll be a definite thing. Why does she have to be so efficient!?

It's going to be alot quieter without the 2 of them in Hong Kong. Ever since Shyguy started working, we rarely get to see her anymore. Midicrux published a book recently, so she's been busy for what seems like months now. Mayapapaya, although she was working from home up to a few weeks ago was technically "free", was difficult to coax out of her working attire which was her pajamas. But now that she's out of her pajamas, she started flying off to Manila due to her new business. Ragamuffin Girl we don't get to see as much anymore either since she started work teaching cooking classes. Pam had been busy creating wonderfully baked breads. Now in addition to being the go-to gal when it comes to photography and techie questions, we'll have to add great bread baker too. Mae on the other hand had been busy traveling. And I had been a lazy-ass getting out of the house since I had Nachos. But although its sad that we don't get to see each other as much anymore, its even better knowing we've all evolved in some way and have moved on and kept busy.

The Thursday group has been my life line since I moved to Hong Kong. To this day I am grateful to Abi who introduced me to the initial group 4 years ago. And I am thankful that somehow the combination of all our personalities gelled and we have maintained this group to this day.

We are going to miss Jeremie and Maryheart dearly. There will be no way for us to fill the hole when they leave. Hopefully we'll all still do our best to stay in touch and visit as much as possible. Hong Kong is mostly a stop over for most of us, and when the time comes for the rest of us to move on as well, I'm sure we'll all still call ourselves the original Thursday group.

Hey ladies when that day comes, we better start having Thursday group lunches in different countries. Although we won't be able to meet every week anymore, we better at least meet every year! How cool would that be?