Wednesday, July 26, 2006

His father's son

Last weekend we entered Marathon Sports and Joaquin tried on some Crocs - those rubbery, colorful beach clogs full of holes that look adorable on kids but horrible on adults (note: The Manolo hates it and thinks it's one of the ugliest shoes ever invented).

After trying on 2 different sizes, he suddenly removed the ones on his feet, tossed them aside and bellowed for his leather sandals. I thought he hated the things and our shopping trip was over. But no, he gets one of his sandals and places a croc beside it, end to end (or underside to underside) and declares to all: "Look, they are not the same size!"

What astounds me is that this is something his dada does all the time when he buys shoes (and Joaquin rarely accompanies us on these shopping trips so how did he remember? Or is it his own habit, a charming part of his personality?). Hubby is so conscious if his shoes look too big or small on his frame. So he never fails to compare the ones he is about to buy with the ones he is wearing. Joaquin did just that, and was bothered about the slight size difference. In any case, I convinced him they fit perfectly so he joyfully quipped: "All right, let's buy them then!".

It amazes me, the words/sentences/phrases that come out of my son's mouth. Comical at best, it can get scary at times: "What is sex, mama?" --from my three year old!

Hmmm, I wonder if Derrick was as insatiably curious and cheeky when he was younger. Probably.


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