the thursday group

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Where is everybody?

Sadly, the Thursday group blogsite is no more.

Unless someone out there wants to resurrect it?

Keep the thoughts coming!

The wit! The sarcasm! The side comments! The comtemplative discourses! The ponderings

and wishlists and what-nots! The nonsensical psychobabble!

Are we in mourning for Elliot and Chris? Let's compose ourselves, say our last goodbyes to the
fallen idols... move on, ladies, and talk about other reality shows, like Project Runway, which I
love! (Discovery Travel and Living, Thursdays at 10pm).

Am I bored? You betcha I'm bored. Been applying to multifarious jobs all morning. My cv is
sick -- with multiple personality syndrome. I can be a cook, resto manager, educator, classroom
assistant, secretary, sales assistant and whoever else I want to be (except a banker, engineer or IT consultant, because that would be taking it too far. I can stretch my imagination a little, but I'm not a con artist). I can imagine how horrified the recipient of my cv would be if he/she saw all my other cv's.

"How can she be a cook and secretary at the same time?"

"How come in this cv she sounds so accomplished yet in this other one she doesn't even seem like a university graduate?"

Ay, the travails of a desperate housewife. Is there any part-time job out there that pays well and has great working hours plus a bonus that will finance my present gourmand and future shopaholic ways?