Sunday, May 14, 2006

Histrionem Interruptus

I'm having a high right now. Everything went so well with Emotional Baggage:

a. All evening shows were sold out by opening night
b. ACT managed to drag a full-house audience into the theatre on a Saturday afternoon;
c. The last two performances were perfect, from Play 1 - "Along for the Ride" to Play 6 - "Born to be Blue"

As ACT's pinch-hitting assistant producer, only-when-no-one-else-is-available publicist and cast member, I could not be any happier than I am now.

And then there's the occasional situation in which emotions are charged and the naive performer begins to think it's the real thing. Then, again, even seasoned actors get carried away by such emotional highs -- think Brad and Angelina, or Julia Roberts when she ditched Kiefer Sutherland a few days before their wedding. I find it quite appalling sometimes how good actors fail to respect themselves and their work by being the sorriest, sorriest courtesy-flirting blokes on the planet. Schade.

This is why I disappear from the theatre circuit as soon as "the room goes dark," so to speak, to welcome my return to real life from the world of the imaginary.

So this year's acting quota has been filled. On to the next. . .

. . .which, by the way, is managing the trouble caused by our parish priest when he "fired" my vocal ensemble from the 6 pm mass without consulting the DB Catholic Committee.

And when someone has been wronged--in this case my choirmate, even men of the cloth are not spared my ire.


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