Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Kita-kits sa Mcdo...NOT/ TheNuggets Challenge

McDonald's fans, be warned. I'm not going to sound like a paid advertisement and extoll the virtues of a place that reeks of grease and is a major cause of obesity in the States. Not that I have anything against unhealthy food (I like the fat from pork bbq, the one at the end of the stick, all dripping and charred ymmmm), I just don't like McDonald's, period.

I like cheap food and fastfood-- Mang Jimmy's, Rufo's, isaw and squidball at the Kalayaan Hall in UP, pork bbq from the Beach House, KFC, Tapa King, Shakey's, Smokey's, Wendy's Mushroom Burger Melt, dai pai dongs, Chicken Inasal, SR Thai in Katipunan (more rice and sauce than anything), Chee Kei, a dimsum place near the market (HKD8-16 per order), and many many more come to mind. But something about McDo turns me off. Whenever I'm near one, the overwhelming smell of grease makes my head ache and stomach churn. I used to like their cheeseburger and quarter pounder (hmmm, come to think of it, I still like the quarter pounder), but I balk at having to eat their sundae, Big Mac, ice cream cone, chicken nuggets, apple pie, McSpaghetti, fries, salads (with wilted lettuce and weird-tasting dressings) and their latest horrific creation, the crispy rice sandwich!

Maybe I am a food snob when it comes to certain things, like burgers, ice cream and pasta. I like my burgers juicy, chargrilled, in a freshly-baked bun with crisp lettuce, huge tomatoes, caramelized onion, melting cheese (any cheese will do) and dill pickles. It doesn't have to be Wagyu beef, topped with foie gras or truffles or some such expensive ingredient. Carl's Jr. wasn't bad at all, but it seems the Pinoys didn't rally behind this chain as branch after branch has closed its doors the past few years. I like my ice cream creamy and chunky, and tasting of whatever flavor it's supposed to be. Hence, my favorites are Haagen Dazs Belgian Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake, Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Chunk and Arce Dairy's Pistachio. For bolognese pasta, nothing beats GREAT Cafe for the portion, taste and price. Unfortunately, it's now closed. In Manila, if we didn't have a CIBO budget, we would head off to the nearest Dulcinea for their baked spaghetti (only P99 the last time I ordered it) and churros con chocolate. Hmmm, I can almost taste the thick, rich, dark brown mass of chocolate coating curved pieces of crisp fried sweet churros.

It's obvious how much I enjoy food. Cheap, expensive, gourmet, canteen-ish; most food, that is. A few years ago my tastebuds just de-acquired, if there's such a word, its taste for McDo creations. My avoidance of tha place hasn't affected Derrick in the least, though. On his first month at work he was challenged by energetic and creative co-workers to wolf down 50 pieces of this fried organism mixed with spices and extenders (chicken nuggets to the masses). He gladly accepted, nuggets were his favorite, after all; and it meant a free lunch, the dubious honor of being the Nuggets King, and maybe cold hard cash if he could swallow the 50th piece without choking or barfing. He stopped at 36. His stomach was protesting the torture and he swore he wouldn't touch a single nugget for the next 6 months. He lost the title, the cash and the glory, but he's still known in some circles as "the guy who ate 36 nuggets for lunch". After 2 weeks he was pulling me towards a McDo for his bi-weekly nugget fix. Some habits die hard.

We've struck a deal then. I don't nag him about his nugget obsession, as long as he doesn't force me to eat a McDo soft serve cone. Fair enough.


Blogger Pam said...

You may not want to talk to me after this story, but there was a time in college that I was eating Mcdo every school day for months. Not only that, I was eating the same thing too... if you remember the pork terriyaki with rice they served around 15 years ago (wow! that made me feel really old), I had that for lunch almost everyday. Yup I was one bad oinker then. :)

8:32 PM, April 26, 2006  
Blogger ragamuffin girl said...

Hey, I liked that too! And the twister fries that disappeared for a time, making its fans miss it all the more! Here's a secret, when I was in high school I ate cheeseburgers 3x a week. My friend owns the local McDo franchise and she would never enter Jollibee so we would escape after school, walk to the GH branch of McDo and pig out! Somehow my brain cells and taste buds started to realize it wasn't anything special, after all. :) You know what I used to eat every single day in college? Chicken or Beef Shawarma and soft tacos from a stall in the Green House of UP, near the frat that hosts the Oblation Run.

2:28 PM, April 27, 2006  

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