Tuesday, April 25, 2006

First day of school! First day of school!

Today was my baby's first of school at the Highgate House. She did so well and I'm so proud of her. I think it was more traumatic for me than for my little girl. I was outside pacing back and forth for close to 2 hours waiting for the teacher to come get me.

We started with outdoor play for 45 minutes... putting on their Wellington boots, playing in the sand, feeding the rabbits, pretending to sweep the floors and just having good fun. Then it was time to go inside to wash up and start their class. The teacher asked me to hide to see if my little girl would go with the other kids and she did. They baked some bread, did storytime and sang songs. I don't know what else they did, I was just getting little snippets here and there from her teachers and the helpers had to pick up their charges before class was dismissed. They all said that she was doing really well for a first timer.

She didn't look for me until 2 minutes before class was over. WAAAH!!! She's growing up so fast. Now she's looking forward to her next class on Thursday. I never thought it would be harder for me to let go. I am so proud but heartbroken at the same time... sniff, sniff!


Blogger ragamuffin girl said...

Way to go, Katrina! Mommy Pam, you'll get over the separation, just like I did. :)Soon you'll want another one!

8:47 PM, April 25, 2006  
Blogger midicrux said...

That's where I would have sent Sofia to playgroup and kindergarten if we were living close to the Peak.

I'm a Waldorf fan--early education only. :))

2:31 PM, April 29, 2006  

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