Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Drama ba?

a lost, hungry-looking kid with sad, sad eyes stared out from the windows of the big blue bus.
a lost, teary-eyed woman on the sidewalk stared back and with a limp wave, said goodbye to the boy.

after three hours they are reunited, hugs and kisses abound.
after seven hours she is screaming; he is on the warpath. junk and whatnot are strewn all over.

after one week he gamely waits for the big blue bus a half hour early.
she relishes her 3 1/2 hours of pure freedom.

the story of our lives:
Joaquin's first day in school he missed breakfast and missed me. I missed him too.
Joaquin's second week in school he wakes up too early, demands breakfast, and insists on waiting for the 8:30 bus at 8:00. We end up dog-watching along Conduit. There are two miniature doggies with equally tiny but oh-so-cute sneakers I am smitten with, but that's another story.
I go back to bed and continue my sexy dream about Johnny Depp.
We still miss each other, but wer'e both grown-ups now.


Blogger Bandit said...

3 1/2 hours, I'm soooo jealous! Congrats on the growing up, can't believe Joaquin has started school na! He'll be off to college soon!

11:08 PM, January 25, 2006  
Blogger ragamuffin girl said...

Yeah, then he'll be asking for date money, a hot car, monthly shopping and grooming sprees. Before we know it he'll be parading a series of scantily-dressed collegialias for our (more of Derrick's) viewing pleasure (extreme disapproval on my part). :)
Seriously, I love the freedom.
But I also miss my baby. :)

10:45 AM, January 26, 2006  

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