Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Yang and The Restless

"I have an announcement to make." Chris says as he approaches me in the livingroom. I'm wondering what vital information he's got for me this time. Napaka formal naman ang approach niya.

"I think whatever your dad's blending is done now." Chris tells me with a half-smile as the sound of the blender roars on in the background. I've been listening to that blender roar every morning since my parents arrived. I hear it so often I no longer notice it.

My parents have their morning ritual. My dad washes the carrots, apple and celery then slices them into bits, places them in the blender with a bottle of Yakult and blends the sh*t out of it. My mom on the other hand makes their oatmeal with soymilk. For some reason my dad likes to blend their juice to the point where it goes warm. This morning he actually over did it and my blender gave out its last sputter roar and went to blender heaven. Sadly for Chris we've got a larger blender sitting in the cupboard ready for my dad again tomorrow morning. Wait till he hears the big daddy blender in the morning. Hmm... maybe that's why he's been going to work so early everyday for the past 2 weeks.

A few days ago, my parents told us they were thinking about investing in a fastfood chain in Shanghai. They said a good friend of theirs was approached by some Chinese businessman from the States. He took the McDonald's concept and started a fastfood restaurant in a city on the outskirts of Shanghai. Its doing so well, that he is hoping to franchise it out. My parents went with their friend to that restaurant and were impressed, so they're currently looking into investing. Our conversation about it basically went like this:

Pa and Ma: "Yes, his chain of restaurants is doing so well. He has made back his initial investment within one year. That is why he would like to start selling his franchise and start one in Shanghai."

Chris and I: "So the restaurant you looked at is his first one?"

Pa and Ma: "Yes."

Chris and I: "If that is his first restaurant, then how is it a chain?"

Pa and Ma: "..."

You can just imagine the line of questioning Chris gave after that revelation. And how does my dad reply? Well, just imagine a 5 year old with his arms cross saying, "Basta, I know it'll work." Oh well, there goes more money down the poo shooter as Chris would say.

My brother and his wife Sabrina will be arriving tomorrow evening. I wonder how Chris is going to handle that. I was abit worried how we were all going to handle the cramped accomodations, but now I'm looking forward to the challenge. I'm sure there's going to be rough moments, but all in all we're going to have lot's of fun and I'm sure I'll have more to write about after they leave. Stay tuned!


Blogger shyguy said...

Classic case of role reversal as people get older -- parents start acting as children; and the children start parenting!, go figure! :) Looking forward to your upcoming blogs esp. on Teh Min and Sabrina's visit! Should be a fun read!

12:24 PM, November 21, 2005  
Blogger ragamuffin girl said...

your yang family kwentos never fail to make me laugh. you should write for a sitcom, and base all scripts on your daily conversations. all your blogs are so crazy and witty, i show them to derrick all the time.

3:57 PM, November 25, 2005  

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