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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Top 12 Reasons Why I am a Pseudo Catholic

1. I am Pr0-Choice (a woman has every right to her own body)
2. I don't go to Confession (I confess my sins to God directly, anywhere, anytime)
3. I don't pray the Rosary (I find it meaningless and boring)
4. I believe in Divorce (esp. if your spouse beats you, cheats on you, gambles, and does drugs)
5. I believe in Marriage between Homosexuals (after all, you marry a person, not a sex)
6. I am not Religous but Spiritual (rituals are meaningless if you don't treat others humanely)
7. I am appalled at so many of the Vatican's riches and its non-action during the extermination of the millions of Jews in WW2 (as well as the unaccounted coffers; excessively elaborate churches and cushy lifestyles of many of our parish priests in the Philippines)
8. I don't believe that Procreation is a necessity for a Marriage to be validated in the eyes of God (and that sex is also meant to be enjoyed between husband and wife, and not merely used as a means for procreation)
9. I believe that couples should Live Together first before tying the knot (and to have as many meaningful -- not promiscuous -- relationships as possible so one can choose the best person to marry)
10. I believe that Birth Control is a necessity in this day and age of overpopulation esp. in the poorest sectors of society; STD's and AIDS (and, let's face it, people are going to have sex and there's nothing anyone can do about it)
11. I believe in Euthanasia (did you watch Million Dollar Movie? 'Nuff said. If not, on a personal note, if I -- knock-on-wood -- were to become severely paralyzed or a vegetable; and a huge financial and emotional burden on my family, it would be truly cruel to deprive of me of the ultimate relief from my suffering and loss of dignity.
12. I don't believe in doing good just so I can go to Heaven. I believe in doing good so I can help people.

**Maybe I should re-entitle it "Top 12 Reasons Why I am a Thinking Catholic". I started following my own brand of Catholicism during my college years when people and events(i.e. the real world outside my "convent school") shaped my understanding of how my religion should play an effective role in my life. It's been a subject of several debates between family, friends and even with myself! But, it has worked wonders since I still count myself part of the flock vs. totally severing my ties with the Church due to my disgust with its outdated rules. But I really think that the Church will have to change some of its policies in order to keep up with the times. If it doesn't it will just be viewed as a judgemental, rigid, and unforgiving institution and not as a place where people can seek solace, feel love and acceptance, or simply be a part of God's family.

Friday, October 14, 2005

I don't get it

Maybe he was hot as Legolas, but did Orlando Bloom really deserve to be the biggest breakout star out of Lord of the Rings? I mean jeez, strip him of his long blond wig and elvish elan and you're left with a scrawny, scruffy man-boy who wilts onscreen and projects nothing so much as bewilderment, helplesness and vacuity. No cocksure swaggering charm here; even his voice is wispy. When Menelaus roared, "You left me for this???" to Helen, you have to agree.

Legolas gets the A-list directors and big-budget movies. In the meantime, King Aragorn gets this dud, the divine Boromir is back to playing bad guys in crappy movies, Frodo is playing creeps and psychopaths, and the honorable, heart-breaking Samwise Gamgee is 4th-billed as Drew Barrymore's lisping body-builder younger brother in an amnesia comedy. Ok so it was a funny movie and he was great in it, but still...

When you think "big movie star," you think in terms of box office figures: which name is attached to the biggest box office numbers, which actor draws them in? You might think Tom Hanks (average US gross $99.8m), Tom Cruise ($101.5m), Jim Carrey ($106m), Will Smith ($120.2m). But Misters Hanks, Cruise, Carrey and Smith only rank numbers 16, 15, 14 and 10 respectively in the list of actors' average movie grosses. Orlando Bloom is a lofty number 4 ($217.1m), trailing only the three Harry Potter kids who, you know, are never again going to be in anything nearly as big as the Potter movies -- except maybe Emma Watson who is just gorgeous and kicks ass onscreen.

Now these numbers are not to be read literally: just because an actor is in a big hit, doesn't mean he's the reason people go see it. To wit, check out the numbers on this craptasia. The director's pissed off but methinks his pissed-offedness is misdirected. Orlando Bloom shoots arrows while bantering playfully with a dwarf, mister, he's a secondary character who provides comic relief. He doesn't lead an army of crusaders into the promised land. If you didn't see that while shooting the movie, you deserve what you get.

I think that Orlando will get his comeuppance really soon. Maybe as soon as this weekend when this movie tanks. And tanking alongside him will be his female counterpart, the pretty and spiritless Ms Knightly who, for crying out loud, does not have the weight -- emotional or physical -- to play a rich spoiled brat lesbian model turned bounty hunter. Her, I don't get either.


Again??? Have you no pity, Apple? What's next?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Love Can Move... Roaches!

Pam shared her story about Katrina throwing up and how she caught her spew. What a mother would do when their child is not feeling well. It made me wonder what I would do. I found out tonight what I'm capable of.

I was checking up on Sam awhile ago in his crib and to my horror, saw a ROACH crawl past his head inside the crib!!! I couldn't squish it right there, so in my panic, I actually scooped it up with my hand! YUCK!!! I has horrified and grossed out feeling it squirming in my hand. I quickly grabbed the closest thing, which was a perfectly new diaper and wrapped the sucker in there and squished it! I still can't believe I did that! What love can do I tell ya!

I HATE roaches! Die roaches die!!!