Saturday, August 20, 2005

Who's your Rock Star?

Who's your Rock Star? The reality show in which the "over-the-hill" rock band INXS (Tehlin's Chris says) auditions its new lead singer is getting more exciting by the week. The following performers remain:

a. Jordis - an uber-talented dreadlocked Tongan-American whose competitive side is beginning to show. So far, Jordis has never been voted into the dreaded "Bottom Three". Her rendition of "The Man Who Sold the World" seems to have solidified her claim to becoming INXS' new lead vocalist.

b. Suzie - Her risky arrangement of REM's "Losing My Religion" has paid off, and now, the menacing Ms. McNeil has risen to the occasion. Does she have the energy or the willpower to go that extra mile and see her dream through? Will JD offer her more helpful "advice"? Let's wait and see.

c. Ty - His performance as Britney Spears in the Las Vegas cast of Queen's musical WE WILL ROCK YOU is powerful and energetic. But you've seen him shed a few tears of frustration over INXS' comments about his singing: his vibrato, in particular. Will the Soul Man steal the show?

d. J.D. - This is the cocky but indubitably gifted musical genius, who was once a busker somewhere--New York City? He seems to be getting on his housemates' nerves--as divulged by one member at a press junket--but his originality shines through. Does JD really need to be humble and "humbled" to win this competition? Will INXS like him in the end? Abangan ang susunod na kabanata. Oh, and JD, cut the "tortured artist" nonsense. Chill, JD, chill.

e. Deanna - She croons like Melissa Etheridge and rasps like Janis Joplin. Her presence is electrifying onstage, but she isn't a crowd pleaser. Through what means shall Deanna find that "oomph" to convince INXS that she's the one?

f. Marty - This real estate appraiser from Chicago looks like a clean version of Kurt Cobain and a reincarnation of the great Ziggy Stardust: DAVID BOWIE. Look into the labyrinth of his eyes, and you'll hear lines from "This is Not America" sung to the guitar riffs of "Smells Like Teen Spirit." He's the perfect blend of grungy edge and punk-rock class. But he needs to pull off Britney Spears' "Baby, One More Time" this week. Will he stay in character?

g. Jessica - She has a few mugshots that make her look like a whiny Lisa Loeb. She says she's written six songs. She seems to frequent the "bottom three" a lot, which prompts some viewers to ask, "Who's she sleeping with?" But seriously, she sings INXS quite well--better than the others, in fact. Well, she's gone now.

h. MiG - He won the lead role for Queen's musical WE WILL ROCK YOU, London cast. Before that, MiG essayed other principal musical roles in Sydney, before moving to the UK for WWRY. MiG is sexy. MiG sends chills. . . while the mercury rises in the room. MiG is Pinoy. But he needs to expand his range. Does he have enough time?So, who's it gonna be? Visit Rock Star's MSN website or the INXS website for more information. And don't forget to vote! :-)

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