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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ceasar, Thoreau, Cosby and Yamaguchi

You guys remember the movie The Cutting Edge? Its a movie about ice skating starring Moira Kelly. I remember when I watched it back in 1992, I was saying how pretty she looked and that she can't be much older than I was. Fast forward 10+ years later and she now plays the mother of a teenage boy in the TV series One Tree Hill. I don't watch that series, but when I realized what her role was on that show, it hit me just how old I am already.

Yup, it hit me, because after I turned 30, I stopped counting. Proof to my statement: A few months ago, Chris asked me in front of a few people how old I was just to be funny. I looked at him and drew a blank. I didn't pause to come up with a good come back, because seriously, I didn't know!

So today I turned 33. I know that, because I had to count the years just to be sure. Last night after it struck midnight and Chris wished me a happy birthday, the first thing that crossed my mind was: Crap, I'm 33 already. Better have another kid so I'll have enough time to squeeze the 3rd one in by the time I'm 35! End of thought... Crap.

I just hope that someday, even if I don't end up a historic politician like Ceasar, an accomplished writer like Thoreau, an acclaimed artist like Cosby or an olympic gold winner like Yamaguchi, which by the way, were all born on July 12, I will at least have accomplished something I knew was the reason for my being.

So happy birthday to me. I look forward to growing older with grace, with more wisdom, ample sex appeal and not too much sagging. Haha!