Thursday, May 26, 2005

What I've Been Busy Doing in the States So Far...

Sheesh man, I can't believe they let Carrie win after her horrendous performance on Idol last night. I sure feel like my 30cents was flushed down the toilet. Gee, I sure hope it was 30cents lang or my parents will have a fit when they see their phonebill. Hahaha!

After checking out a few sites last night, it was all for Bo. I was almost certain he was going to win. But oh well, the producers I'm sure put their big foot in the whole thing and did some magic to make sure Carrie wins instead. Its like the last season of the Amazing Race all over again. Come on, would a pilot actually allow passengers on after they have already shut the airplane door and removed the walkway?

I'm just pikon. But thank god Scott didn't win in the end.

So anyways, other than watching shows like Idol and Contender, I've been trying to get over my jetlag and getting even thinner chasing Sam around a house 5 times bigger then our apartment in HK. If there ever was a use for those child safety gates, this is the place!

Sam was ok on our flight to the US. It was mostly bed time, so he was asleep most of the time. It was just torture having to hold him the whole time because he was too long for the bassinet. Kawawa din siya because you can tell he wasn't comfortable laying on me the whole time. And depending on how things go on our return flight to HK, I am certainly going to write a complaint letter to Cathay Pacific in regards to their service when it comes to infant/toddlers on their flights. This was the third flight since April and each flight has made me more upset that they charge for a lapseat. Why the heck do we have to pay that extra money when it seems as if they don't acknowledge the exsistence of your baby on your lap throughout the flight? Kawawa whomever will be my flight attendant on our flight back if this continues. (evil grin all over my face)

My brother's wedding will be this Saturday. Definitely going to share pics din when I get back. They won't be as nice as Shy's pics, but Sam's cuteness will compensate. Hehe!


Blogger shyguy said...

...Sam's cutess will MORE than compensate!! :)

11:20 PM, May 26, 2005  
Blogger ragamuffin girl said...

we are taking a straight 12-hour flight to VAncouver via PAL on the 14th. Why PAl? I can't imagine being with Joaquin on stopovers, transferring from terminal to terminal, airport to airport, for 18-20 hours! (including Manila's horrendous traffic). So no matter how much I hate PAL, its service and food,(they have good pilots, though) it's a 5pm fligt for us, and I pray Joaquin will be sleeping for 8-9 hours so the other passengers will only give me the evil eye for 3-4 hours. Any longer than that and I might melt in embarrassment hahahah. Planes should have a kid's corner doncha think? Like a playgym of sorts... but free of charge! And soundproof! And put in a mini library with bestsellers and mags for the mummies and daddies!

12:12 PM, June 01, 2005  
Blogger Pam said...

I'm surprised with your experiences with Cathay Pacific regarding their treatment of toddlers on planes. We've had the opposite experience naman. They've always been very accomodating. Katrina seems to enjoy sleeping on either me or yaya too so that hasn't been a problem so far. Maybe I don't feel the non-help as much as I have yaya there to take up any slack. I do hope your return flight will be much better. With Chris there, at least there's someone to help with Sam's care.

10:32 PM, June 01, 2005  

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