Thursday, April 21, 2005

What 7 jeans hath wrought

I was in grad school in NYC when 7 Jeans hit the streets. One look and I felt that my lifelong prayers had been answered. You know, those along the lines of "If I find the perfect pair of jeans (white t-shirt/ shade of red lipstick/ little black dress) I'll be happy." Heretofore reasonably satisfied with my $20 low-rise bootcut Gap jeans, I went manic when I saw those pert, perfectly clad New York asses, and couldn't sleep until I'd dug deep into my student's pockets and got myself my own pair. A hundred and ten dollars at Barney's (yeah, but free alteration!), just below the tax line. While I justified the purchase to myself a hundred different ways, I knew I'd crossed some line and that I'd never be happy with Gap jeans again.

As it turns out, that darned brand started some sort of revolution. Now people are harking back to the good old days when jeans cost "just" a hundred dollars. Check out the extremes that denim has reached.


Blogger shyguy said...

i hear you, Maya! the quest for the perfect pair CAN get ridiculous! i myself have yet to find one that will miraculously make my JLo butt smaller and perkier; lengthen my legs ala Elle Macpherson and substantially decrease the circumference of my elephantine thighs. but who am i kidding?!! the truth of the matter is, if one simply doesn't have great (pun intended) genes (as daily exercise doesn't seem to work that well), then no amount of money will make my posterior look like jeremie's! surgery is still a possibility though -- now if i only have US 50k lying around somewhere....Alex...can I have my money back? :)

7:53 PM, April 21, 2005  
Blogger ragamuffin girl said...

I'm happy with my very reasonably priced pairs of Purple jeans from People are People here in Manila. At P1200-1400 per, it's a steal!
I've long since stopped dreaming of a leggier me with the impossibly tiny waist and perky butt. Though when I see Jeremie I can't help but think, "where was I when God handed out those perfect proportions"? Too bad I'm way below on the good genes (and jeans) heirarchy. Too kuripot. :) Just realized something, vital stats aren't so vital, are they? In the grand scheme of things, there definitely ARE more important things (though a nice pair of butt-lifting, tummy-flattening pair of jeans could'nt hurt). So let's all be happy with our jiggly thighs, stretch marked tummies, vertically-challenged appendages, acne-d faces, bushy eyebrows, armpit stubble and what-have-you. Confidence can definitely make anyone stand taller than they really are.

12:12 AM, April 26, 2005  

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