Sunday, March 06, 2005


Where: Olive at 32 Elgin St, Soho 2521 1608 (Mon - Sun: 12pm - 3pm; 6pm - 11pm)
When: March 6, 2005 7:45pm
Who: Jay and Shy Sala
What: Olive's Mezza (mixed platter of appetizers, my favorite among all was the Fatima's fingers); Bistayees (Moroccan-style Pigeon Pie cooked in sweet spices and almonds - excellent!); Warm Ginger cake ala mode topped with Toffeed Mangoes drizzled with Orange Blossom Caramel (yum, yum, yum!)
Well?: A definite must-try!!

*Saw most of the waitstaff and the manager at Soho Spice working their night shift at Olive. Both restaurants, including Archie B's (my favorite deli), El Taco Loco (Jay's favorite Mexican joint); Bombay Dreams plus Cuisine Courier are owned by the same group, Dining Concepts.


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