Sunday, March 06, 2005

An introvert's haven, or "Alice crawls into a hole"

Up the almost obscure Peel Street, at #57, is a little brown "hole in the wall" called Chocolux. I remember walking downhill from Staunton Street after a short coffee break with a friend named Valerie. Instead of heading toward the escalators, I decided to take a detour. There was a stairway which led to a terrace of burnt incense. The road was steep, and quite apparently, my sneakers did not have enough traction to prevent myself from slipping.

This little discomfort was soon forgotten, when I saw a lit candle from behind this wispy bronze curtain onthe left side of the road. I was curious to know what the "privacy-shmivacy" was all about, so I threw the curtain open and Lo!

The smell of tsokolate-e! Too bad it wasn't a Spanish cafe, otherwise I would have ordered churros.

But this little brown haven is perfect for listless afternoons. If you have nothing much to do this spring, and you're dying to finish a book or two (or maybe more), head downhill--or up-hill, depending where you're at--to this discreet little choco-shop for a macaroon, or a savoury jamon serrano crepe, or a novelty of a drink, but not so new to us "tsokolate-e" drinkers: the "Chocohaud".

Another introvert's haven, but with a slightly annoying selection for muzak, is at the IFC: Le Gouter Bernardaud. Highlights at this place are the multi-coloured macaroons, tartines (order the afternoon tea sampler) and rose petal tea.


Blogger shyguy said...

After a long day shopping for sinks; range hoods and shower heads (not to mention looking like drowned rats caught in the deluge this afternoon) the choco chaud (similar to max brenner's sucao) and the scrumptious macaroons made us feel human again!

7:50 PM, March 12, 2005  

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