Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I Want My Mommy

I just said my good-byes to my parents as they left to go back to the States. I have also put Sam down for his afternoon nap. And Chris is in Guangzhou on business and won't be back until tomorrow. I haven't felt this alone in awhile. I want my mommy =(

I was just telling my mom last night how different life is compared to back when we were all living in Manila. Life was so routine. And like all the child care books say, kids crave routine. Ours was wake up at 6am, get ready for school, get to school and count the hours till its dismissal, get picked up, go home, watch TV, study, have dinner with the family, more TV, get ready for bed and in bed by 10pm. Sometimes in the middle of the night, I still feel as if I were back in that house in Magallanes Village, on Trinidad St. I still remember exactly how the furniture was placed, what I had in my closet and my doll house in my night stand table. I still remember the brightness of our light fixture, hanging on top of our heads as we sat at our round dinner table. I remember my assigned seat was between my brother and my mom on my right. The kitchen was to my back. I miss those family dinners. No matter what happened that day, no matter how crap or how great the day was, we could always count on having dinner all together, all five of us. Although we weren't a particularly chatty family, it was nice having the presence of the whole family. We would listen to my mom do most of that talking while my dad read his newspaper and my older brother concentrate on his food and TV.

But when did it all end? Ours ended the day my older brother left for college in the US. My mom says that's just a part of growing up. Its inevitable that we all move out and on. But wouldn't it be nice if there was someway we could say, wait! I want back! I want to sit at that dinner table again with my whole family. I want to sleep on that super hard bed again. And I want to be able to say Maaaa! And my mom will peer through the door and say "What is it?". Where can I get such a contraption? I've got HK$20 left in my pocket.

I always get nostalgic and sappy after a visit with my parents. I guess I'm still a child at heart or just a total wimp. But it's just nice to not be a grown-up once in awhile. Hey, our hubbies are overgrown kids that still like to play with expensive toys, so why can't us ladies still be daddy's girls and want our mommy?

I'll get to see my parents again in 2 months. I better get my fill of them while I'm there before I have to revert back to being a grown up indefinitely.

By the way, Sam has finally started saying mama this week. He'll soon figure out mama means "I want my mommy".


Blogger mayapapaya said...

awwwww. sniff. i want MY mommy!!!!!

4:57 PM, March 22, 2005  
Blogger ragamuffin girl said...

Your entry made me teary-eyed for a while there. At least HK is only 1 1/2 hours away from my family in Manila. Canada is a world away, and I don't know how often we can cross the seas to be in each other's company... to talk, laugh, enjoy meals together. I'm normally not senti, but Sniff, sniff!

6:03 PM, March 22, 2005  

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