Thursday, March 03, 2005

Harlan's (and The Women's Foundation)

Harlan Goldstein, former chef at the members-only Aberdeen Marina Club, has had the public enjoy his culinary creations at his eponymous eatery since late last year. Friends have raved about his Chef's table (pricey but worth every cent), his extensive and impressive wine list, and his delicious burgers. After attending a photo exhibit and launch of a mutual friend's non-profit organization, The Women's Foundation, early tonight, Jay, Harold and I found ourselves at Harlan's ordering a steak sandwich (Jay); and two burgers (me - medium rare; Harold - medium well). All 3 dishes came with fries on the side. Harold ordered a glass of D'Arenberg Grenache, which, according to him, is a very rare find since not many restaurants stock this particular vintage. The total damage was about HKD 660 -- not cheap! Service was very good but the food took so long (around 25 mins) since it was a full house tonight. In fact, there were no more seats available at the restaurant but we were lucky to have been seated at the secluded bar area on the right side of the entrance. We actually prefered this because we had two big sofas and two tables to ourselves in a very private and cozy corner. When our food arrived, I slathered my burger with a liberal amount of wasabi mayo and piled on the tomatoes, onions, lettuce and two crispy strips of bacon between the two hamburger buns. It was pure heaven!!! Arguably the best burger in the whole of Hong Kong -- better than Al's Diner's gourmet burgers! Perfect consistency -- juicy but not overly so; wonderfuly tender with flavors bursting on every corresponding taste bud; and the size was enough to satisfy the hunger (not too small that one felt cheated and not too big that one felt sick by the time the last three bites are left). When Jay had some of mine, he promptly abandoned his steak sandwich (mediocre, according to him) and he kept on repeating "Ohhhh my gaaaad, this is sooooo good! Ohhhh my gaaaad, this is sooooo good!" as he polished off most of my burger. I told him to keep it down since people might think that were doing something indecent inside our private (and very dark) booth! We'll definitely try the Chef's table, maybe for our anniversary dinner. Imagine, if a simple burger is that good...what other culinary treasures Harlan is hiding in his kitchen?!

Harlan's is on the 2nd Floor of the IFC Mall. 2805 0566. Open at 1130am - 1030pm from Mondays to Sundays and public holidays.

For those who are interested, The Women's Foundation is currently looking for volunteers and interns.


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I've been curious about Harlan's. Thanks for the review, Shy!

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