Tuesday, March 29, 2005


our departure date is looming near, and each passing day brings me closer to maple syrup and canadian bacon, and farther away from LKF, Soho, Food Forum, XTC on Ice, Worldwide House for my Pinoy bagoong-tuyo-patis-saba-calamansi fix, and my favorite Thursday lunch-dessert-coffee dates with stimulating company.

to stave off the loneliness and ease the boredom, hubby and i treat our tummies while hurting our wallet.

wasabi-sabi in times square:
-small portions, so a bit too pricey for my liking.
-interesting TITbits though (yes, it's spelled that way on the menu, made derrick's bastos atenean brain go into overdrive).
-had marinated baby squid in sweet soy. it was RAW. tiny, wriggly things swimming in a dark sauce. marty and derrick valiantly tried 2 each and proclaimed it good -- liars! i found it squishy, sweet, similar to oysters but less briny. i liked it.
-sashimi salad was refreshingly different
-i liked the teapot seafood soup with its concentrated and aromatic broth
-the men enjoyed the eel fried rice, but is was average for me
-the fried salmon bones had a yummy dipping sauce
-grilled sirloin wrapped around smoked eggplant looked better than it tasted. it wasn't spectacular, just ok

-abstinence friday so no burger boohoohoo
-lobster bisque is a must! share it though, it's way too rich
-better go to Baci's for pizza, though it's much smaler than Harlan's
-eggplant parmigiano was delightfully cheesy

le tire bouchon
-pan-fried foie gras swimming in raspberry cream sauce was dizzyingly divine, according to derrick the foie-gras addict. i prefer it pan-fried, served with balsamic reduction and poached fruit or mango
-duck breast with provencal olive sauce was fork-tender, medium-rare just like i ordered, but bitin!
-tournedos rossini was succulent and flavorful, but bitin. the port wine sauce was too sweet.
-don't order the chocolate souffle. tasted like it was made of cheap cocoa powder
-the stupid mangy little poachers ran after the future king (this, and the next, is from my makulit, bored rapscallion husband who loves quoting from Disney movies and just grabbed the laptop to type this gibberish)
-out there Emperor Zurg has built a secret weapon that can annihilate the entire universe

moon koon dimsum
-chopped squid fried rice with shrimp paste was yummy
-dimsum was ok


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