Monday, March 07, 2005

Baby Vocabulary

1. Remote Control Car - this refers to when Sam takes the TV remote control, holds it in one hand and pushes it along the floor like a race car. Kulang na lang yung "vroom! vroom!" sound.

2. Power Nap - this is when crawling at the speed of Roadrunner down the hallway, Sam suddenly lies flat on the floor with arms and legs sprawled out as if Cayote went splat on the ground and lies there for a minute or so, "resting", before zooming off again.

3. Floor Mat - in relation to word number 2, this refers to how our whole apartment floor has turned into Sam's mat to take power naps on as he pleases.

4. Water Mark - these are markings on the floor caused by excessive drool puddles left by Sam and left to dry.

5. Paper Trail - with a mouth full of chewed paper or cardboard, a trail of paper mache is dribbled on the floor while Sam plays with his "remote control car". A "paper trail" usually becomes a very difficult "water mark" to clean up.

6. Dried fruits and vegetables - in relation to words number 4 and 5, fruits and vegetables are often found in a dried format at various areas of the house. Dried fruits and vegetables can appear inside shoes, stuck amongst the channel buttons of the remote control car, plastered on the windows and even on your cheek after a long day at home.


Blogger ragamuffin girl said...

Your vocabulary list is a surefire way of either 1. inspiring shy, may and maya to have kids of their own or 2. scaring them off babies, drool and nappies for the rest of their lives! :)

6:46 PM, March 07, 2005  

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