Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Valentine's, El Cheapo style

Not wanting to brave the crush of people, couples and singles alike, who were sure to be out partying on February 14; my hubby and I decided to celebrate at home in our usual quiet and simple way (i.e. listening to a screaming Joaquin insist on his fave video, which frustrated Derrick to the max because he was so looking forward to the Grammy's; listening to Joaquin singing along 'off-key, naturally' with Norah Jones and Joss Stone when he finally allowed us to watch the Grammy's; listening to Joaquin insist on his fave bedtime story when all we wanted was to sleep and dream of a romantic, splendid dinner followed by a luxurious massage ). Ah! The joys of parenthood, indeed. Maybe the crowds would have been soothing compared to the ruckus at home. Needless to say, we had ourselves an unromantic, noisy Valentine's with our baby boy. To console ourselves, we took to reminiscing about our past Valentine's dates. One in particular we remember well was spent in Vieux Chalet in Antipolo (anyone ever been there?). You need a 4x4 to navigate the potholes or else you'll end up cursing the Mayor of Antipolo and the owner of the chalet. The panoramic view of Manila, as well as the cool weather and sumptuous dinner, was worth all the cursing, though.

Speaking of dinner, ours (last Monday) was el cheapo compared to the astronomic prices quoted by top HK restos. It even came with free rock n' roll music and head-banging courtesy of Joaquin. I made a lamb stew and served it with creamed cauliflower (tastes better than mashed potatoes and perfect for the SBdieter!), garlic-sauteed broccoli and triangles of bread to soak up the sauce. For the appetizer, I fried some Lokal-style chicken fingers (cornflakes instead of breadcrumbs make it more crispy and tasty). Dessert was a simple low-sugar faux tiramisu with crushed oreos. Derrick loved it, so it made my numerous grocery trips worthwhile.

Next year, we might book a table at an ultra romantic and uber chic place. And be haunted the rest of the night by the forlorn look on our son's face when we leave the house. Then again, we could eat in and spend five minutes making goo goo eyes at each other, then the rest of the night running after our terrible yet oh-so-lovable two and a half.

Happy V day! Do share your own romantic and kakakilig stories, sexual misadventures and the like (wink, wink). Don't forget to describe what you ate and where you partook of it! For my future reference, hahaha!


Blogger shyguy said...

Next year, can you make our Valentine's dinner? :) My mouth was watering when I read the description of each dish you prepared for Derrick! Lucky guy!!

Jay and I opted to stay at home and eat leftover beef chilli and miso cod (from a party last Sat)plus a couple of mini-bars of Nestle's crunch for dessert. How romantic! Anyway, we went out the night before and dined at our favorite haunt, The Peak Lookout (where we held our wedding reception). Good thing the cheapskates escaped getting charged astronomical Valentine's prices on a Valentine's eve dinner! What a scam!

11:53 PM, February 18, 2005  

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