Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Pinoy Cuisine -- what's that?

On Saturday night, I walked up-hill to the Angusses. It was Martin's birthday, and Sherry--iso-Dabaw that she is--served Pinoy food. No one worried about Martin's stomach, because he enjoyed Pancit Bihon, Menudo, Spicy Tuyo with Rigatoni and Leche Flan just like all the Asian guests present.

It took a while, however, to whet the appetites of Martin's mates.

"What's that?" and pairs of googly eyes would greet the table as one immediately introduced each dish with much care:

a. Menudo - "It's beef stew, but it's made of pork (which is the interesting bit), but it contains potatoes and carrots just like ye ol' beef stew." Had Sherry made kaldereta, I would've plainly said, "It's beef stew." Many takers there.

b. Pancit Bihon - "It's vermicelli with shredded chicken." Ah!, went the approving all-male populace, in full broad "A" fashion, but some had trouble cutting the noodles. Too long to bother.

c. Spicy Tuyo with Rigatoni - "Peppered herring in olive oil. You do eat herring, right?" And the birthday celebrant goes, "Is that the same as BANG-GUSS?" Another Pinay replied "Milkfish" while I said, "It tastes like tuna macaroni salad, except that it's spicy."

Introductions were finally over. Two hours passed. Then, Martin's friend John approached dessert with much trepidation, while scrutinising the leche flan very carefully. This should prove to be the sure winner.

"It's creme brulee, but thicker and richer."

John returned to the table thrice that night.

Luckily, Sherry was prepared with poppadums, tandoori chicken, chili con carne and nachos for the more delicate bellies around.


Blogger ivy said...

Funny how Filipino food sounds more sophisticated when translated to English. Can't believe spicy tuyo translates to peppered herring. But the taste is all good regardless...

3:35 PM, April 05, 2005  

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