Monday, February 21, 2005

Of Postcards and Screensavers

Read all about your travels with grumpus, Maya (Check out Maya's comment to my Out of Africa blog); savored it, more like. Enjoyed it as much as Shy's honeymoon diary, with its rich narration, witty asides, colorful descriptions (though colorful doesn't quite cut it). Guess Africa epitomizes what it means when travelers say "to see is to believe". The pictures (oh, such wonderful pictures) look like postcards or screensavers sent to me by religious websites. They look ethereal, surreal? sometimes, disturbing, even digitally enhanced; mostly they look like nothing I've seen yet everything I've imagined "creation" to be. They literally take my breath away. Cliche-ish, but who cares? It's true. I used to say to anyone who'd listen that I would die happy after witnessing the splendor of an aurora borealis in Finland; lying on some craggy cliff or grassy knoll in Scotland, looking up at the impossibly stormy sky and imagining the bloodshed on those war-torn grounds; now I'm changing my plans a bit. Africa is definitely on my must-see and must-experience list. Thank you for introducing me to this oft-maligned, yet incredibly moving country.


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