Monday, February 07, 2005

more on the great chow sing-chi

So if the TV trailer tickled your funnybone enough, you probably trooped down to your local multiplex to go see Kung Fu Hustle (if not, God help your incurious soul). I did just that one cold January afternoon, and with four other viewers scattered across the theater, enjoyed the discounted 2:30 show. I guess all normal people were at school, at work, or at home feeding children.

So here I was, expecting nothing more than 99 minutes of lunacy. Instead I got my mind blown away, much like everyone else who's seen it. My brain reeled, my eyes popped, and yes, I gasped for breath in between fits of laughter. They went nuts for it across Asia, and in previews, they went nuts at Sundance. Go see this movie. And thank me later for the recommendation.


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