Sunday, February 27, 2005


Just tried out this new resto called Lumiere. Nice harbor views; huge place, perfect for corporate functions but not intimate enough for a date. Great for group dates though. The food (a blend of Sichuanese and South American -- yes, I know it sounds weird) was surprisingly very good! Just make sure to specify the number of "chillies" (1 to 3) so they'll know how spicy (or not) you'd want your Sichuanese dishes to be. We didn't order any South American dishes since we were in the mood for Chinese. For the mains -- the crab claw was the best; followed by the mutton; then the kung pao chicken and lastly, the ma po tofu. We only ordered one appetizer which was the crispy eel. Excellent. We specified "2 chillies" for each dish and man, it was BURNING!!! Especially the ma po to fu!! Definitely not for the faint-hearted. Can't imagine what "3 chillies" will feel like.

What's nice about this resto is that the waiters will serve you sugar cubes (both brown and white) and a glass of cooling Sichuanese herb juice to help numb your tongue during the middle of your dinner. Service was also very prompt and pleasant. The only thing we didn't appreciate was that they only served San Pellegrino and Evian in -- get this -- small bottles!!! No big bottles for sharing and absolutely no tap water can be served so in that sense, it was a rip off. (They're very smart knowing that people will be ordering tons of water after burning their tongues off their food!) Speaking of which, I feel that the food was reasonably priced as each dish set us back about HKD 150. And when I say reasonable, I mean by HK standards -- which is quite high. At least this time I didn't feel I was wasting my money on overpriced but mediocre cuisine (and you and I know that there are just too many of these places in HK). If you want to order a bottle of wine to go with your meal, their Dr. Loosen Riesling '03 (Spatlese) is an excellent choice -- its high sugar content will help offset the spicy dishes.

There is a Cantonese restaurant adjacent to Lumiere called Cuisine Cuisine. It was fully booked. In contrast, Lumiere was only about 40% occupied but more people started coming when we left at 9:30 pm.

Lumiere and Cuisine Cuisine are located on the 3rd Floor of the IFC Mall, adjacent to Pure Fitness. Tel no. 23 933 933 Websites: and


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